I’ve been a musician, since I was 10 years old, learning the guitar and later the piano. I took guitar lessons for awhile and also learned some things from my neighbor who was a guitar player. I wrote a few songs and sang them live on my church’s radio station when I was about 12. My Dad was a keyboard player in a rock band, and I was a featured guest at some of his gigs,even tho I was underage. Then I joined my first real band when I was 18. I took a break from writing,but was still in bands for the next 15 years, which also included working at dinner theatre as an actor. It was an “Eagles” concert DVD which inspired me to start writing again,this time much more seriously. I had written about 200 songs and was introduced to Frank Ludwig who was a producer, and also the original keyboard player for Canadian super group “Trooper”, back in the late 70’s, through my friend Jamie Anstey, who was the guitar player on the first album in 2009 “Full of Surprises” (13 tracks) and by the time the album was finished, I had formed “Flyer”. Then I recorded a 2nd album, and also a Christmas single, in 2011 “Barking in the Dark” (13 tracks) and “Once more its Christmas” also produced by Frank Ludwig. In 2017, I recorded and co wrote a song with Scott Adair “Girls night out”, which was also produced by Scott. Flyer is currently, and has been for the last 4 years, Lawrie Sherman, Jake McLelland, Dan Harrison and myself. At this point, I have written over 1000 songs, both words and music.


As a BAND, we perform some of the original songs, along with hits from the 1960’s to the 1990’s and beyond, in the genres of classic rock, motown, rockabilly, blues and ballads. I sing the bulk of the songs altho, Lawrie, Dan and Jake also share the lead vocalist spot light as well, which makes a nice mix of vocal styles. Also, a lot of our material has 3 or 4 part harmony and we take great care in reproducing that, along with the musical authenticity of the song. We all live for music, and our dedication to that perfection is obvious to our audience, while still having fun. We hope you will all share the “Flyer” experience, at your next event.

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