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Richmond Night Market

We performed at the Richmond Night Market on September 29th 2017. It was a great event, with a concert size stage and a lot of people. We did an hour set and rocked the crowd. We will definately do this again, next year.

The Vancouver Sun Run


Flyer has performed twice for the Vancouver Sun run  on April 17th 2016 and April 23rd 2017.  The band was situated at the Cambie St and 2nd Ave check point.  There were approximately 43,000 participants and spectators combined that day for 2016 and 2017.  An incredible turnout both times !!!

The Vancouver Sun Run, sponsored by The Vancouver Sun newspaper, is one of the largest 10K running event held in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, each year in April.

Various causes benefit from this event including but not limited to, national literacy campaigns, B.C. amateur athletics via various organizations.  We were proud to be involved in such a worthy event.

Carol Hale, Publicist.

Radio stations that are airing our music

Z100  100.3 FM. New York, NY

WAXQ. 104.3 FM.  New  York, NY

BBC R1  98.8. FM. London, England

KSS. 102.7. FM. Los Angeles, CA

104.7  FM. Dublin, Ireland

KBFX 100.9. FM. Anchorage, AK

KBGA. 89.9. FM. University of Montana

KCR  San Diego State University

KRTH. 101.1. FM. Los Angeles, CA

KSDT FM  USD. San Diego, CA

KZZP  104.7  FM. Phoenix, AZ

KHPRS. 105.7  FM. Tijuana, BC, MX

DWTM. 89.9. FM. Manila, Philippines

KXXM. 96.1. FM. San Antonio, TX

KISM. 92.9. FM. Bellingham, WA

WNYU. FM. University of New York

XTRA. 91.1. FM. Tijuana, BC, MX

KVIL. 103.7. FM. Dallas, TX

KZOK  102.5. FM. Seattle, WA

KGB. 101.5. FM. San Diego, CA

KGON. 92.3. FM. Portland, OR

AFN. Tokyo, Japan

CITR. 101.9. FM. Vancouver, Canada

Beach booster. Ontario, Canada

Whistler. 101.5. FM. Whistler, Canada

SABC  South Africa

KAJA. 97.3. FM. San Antonio, TX

KAPW. 99.3. FM. White oak, TX

KOST. 103.5. FM. Los Angeles, CA

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