Flyer is a four-piece Vancouver BC based rock band that plays classic rock covers from the 1960’s to the 1990’s as well as
many originals destined to become classics. They are a group of seasoned musicians with fabulous harmonies that also
share the lead vocal responsibilities to add diversity and interest to their shows. Flyer has two original CD’s available and an
international following with a fan club in Yorkshire England and radio play on 29 stations across 8 countries.

Performing songs from artists like Aerosmith, Allman Brothers, Beatles, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Bowie, Clapton, Dire Straits,
Doobies, Doors, Elton John, Flyer, Kinks, McCartney, Mellencamp, Orbison, Stones, Tom Petty, Wilburys, ZZ Top and others.
Curtis, Lawrie, Jake and Dan guide diverse audiences through fond memories, while creating new ones for them to take
back home.

Flyer is a perfect band for pubs, casinos, corporate events and private parties.

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