Curtis Cowan - Rhythm guitar, vocals


Born in Regina, Sask, but raised in Vancouver, BC, Curtis began playing the guitar at age of ten and piano at the age of fifteen. He comes from a musical family starting with his Grandparents and their band, “The Golden Valley Playboys” and his father playing in various rock bands, including “The Originals” and also his cousin Terri Clark, a well known country star. After graduating high school, he joined his first band, “The Hornets” which covered “The Beatles” and other British Invasion songs. Later, he joined other bands such as “The Notables Show Band”, “The Bowery Boys” and “Frank McCormack and the Country Macs” Curtis performed in dinner theaters in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg before forming Flyer in 2010.

Lawrie Sherman - Lead guitar, vocals


Born in Victoria British Columbia he moved to Vancouver and like so many got bitten by the British Invasion. Later the British Blues based bands became a large influence that has persisted to this day. That path led to the local scene playing in different bands from the seventies to present for such events as Amnesty International and The Vancouver Sun Run recurring yearly as well as some local recording.

Jake McLelland - Bass, vocals


Jake was born in Vancouver,BC. He comes from a musical family and was introduced to the bass guitar through his brother in 1970. For ten years, he played the club circuit and dances, with such bands as Shotgun and Crosswinds. After that, he took a break from music to raise a family. But is now back in the music industry with Flyer. His musical influences as far as bass are, Jaco Pastorious, Ray Brown, Tiran Porter, Larry Graham, Jeff Berlin, Ed Friedland and Geddy Lee. Jake is a versatile player, and can play any style from rock to jazz.

Dan Harrison - Drums, vocals


Dan was born in Vancouver, BC. He began playing drums in the mid-sixties after some childhood buddies suggested forming a band and by the beginning of 1965 Dan and his teenage pals had obtained enough gear to equip their first rock combo.Eventually Dan joined a Vancouver band called the Shades of Black. This was a more professional band with higher skills, good vocalists and actual management,which eventually became Steel Wool. In 1974, he became drummer in an established band called Bullet. For the next four years Dan travelled western Canada playing the bar and night club circuit. Dan is a solid experienced drummer with excellent meter.

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