Full of Surprises
About YouBig Ole World
The World is Watching You
No Worries
Sensible Sarah
It’s So True
Nothing Matters Anymore
Maybe This is Our Time
What Was I Supposed to Do
The Only Way to Be
Things are Never the Way That They Seem


Hill Music Canada – 2009 
Produced by Frank Ludwig 
Curtis Cowan – guitar and vocals 
Jamie Anstey – lead guitar 
Frank Ludwig – bass, keyboards & brass
Dave Ditomaso – drums 
Jamie Anstey, Frank Ludwig, Peter Hill, Larry Hennessy – backing vocals




Old enough to know better

You can’t pretend anymore

Pleasure before business

Ancient melodies

Tomorrow never comes for the lonely

Cherry wine

Barking in the dark

Southern lullaby

I was wrong

Different kind of light

Live,love and just laugh

Because of you

Seems like a long time ago

Hill Music Canada – 2011
Produced by Frank Ludwig
Pleasure before business – Mirko Ivanusic
Because of you & Ancient Melodies – Cowan/Ivanusic
Curtis Cowan – guitar and vocals
Mirko Ivanusic – lead guitar and backing vocals
Tom Richards – keyboards and backing vocals
Rocko Vaugeois – bass and backing vocals
Moe Hodgson – drums
Frank Ludwig – organ, piano, brass, backing vocals, autoharp
Chris Ludwig – piccolo on Southern Lullaby
Peter Hill – backing vocals on You Can’t Pretend Anymore & Live,Love and just Laugh


Once more it’s Christmas – Cowan/Ivanusic
Girls night out – Cowan/Adair
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